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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Presenting..once again..MAJOLICA!

Majolica EyeShadow palettes!!!!! *roarrrr*

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I have an obsession with Majolica lately. I am intrigued with every single cosmetic from Majolica. Now that i am kinda broke, i still cant stop buying. Am i crazy or am i crazy?

After my first Majolica Mascara, i got myself WT951 and i fell in love with it. It is 3 frosty shades of gold, pink and blue and a generous amount of eye shadow base(which is the rectangular piece on top). It does not have an expensive container that branded palattes usually have. It's just a simple plastic container with gold and white frills printed on it.

Despite its inexpensive appearance, the eye shadow colors looks as pricy as jewels! When applied to my eyelids, it exhibits a sheen and draws alot of attention to my eye area.
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

My itchy hands picked up GD852. I couldnt resist it. GD852 has 3 shades of glitterish naked beige, golden brown and midnight blue. It is so-not-my-color. i did not expect it to impress me alot.

I am not blessed with deep set eyes, the perfect foundation for a pair of sexy smoky eyes. Having a typical Asian bone struture, i always look like i have blue-black around my eyes whenever i try smoky eyes. But this eyeshadow miraculousy helped me to achieve the smoky eye that i've always wanted!

1)First, i apply the eyeshadow base at my brow bone area.
2)Followed by naked beige around the upper lids.
3)Next i apply golden brown at the mid section.
4)I then perfect a line with my Lovedrop tearbaby black Liquid eyeliner
5)lastly,i carefully blend the midnight blue with my eyeliner(at the lids area nearest to the lashes). This helps to soften the look at my eye area without looking too dramatic. tata! I get my smoky sexy eyes!

It is not like the typical smoky eyes that people acheive with dark hues of purple, black and grey. It creates that special smoky and sexy look with the unique colors. Besides the smoky eye look, this palette can create a few diff looks! Do experiment and play with them! This is one of the many reasons why i love it.

Being someone who is always on the run, i dont like to lug tons of cosmetics with me. I like something that's compact but still can perform its duties well. Majolica's palettes are perfect for people like me.

Of course, every great product has its pros and cons. I've read reviews that the colors are not pigmented enough. Yah, i must agree on that. Its not as pigmented as those that you find on MAC's eyeshadows. And if you do not have a good eyebase, the color may not stay long if you've oily eyelids. Together with the Palette, it comes with a spongy eyeshadow applicator thats relatively....tiny. Its good for touchups but a tad too small for application. But hecks! Who really use the tiny applicator anyway!?

Other than those few cons, there're no reason why i should not love these palattes! I just got my VI261 and my Br762. Haven have a chance to wear them out yet. Looking forward to the responses soon.

i want to collect all the MAJOLICA EYESHADOW PALETTES!Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting(
(The original)
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
(New colors included!)

Majolica Eyeshadow Palette.........Going at $24.90
-Comes in 3 colors each.
-Pretty, irresistable colors!

email me at lippiefanatic@yahoo.com OR visit my yahoo auction!
Photo source: yahoo auction

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Trying to compile a whole list of things thats available! *do click on the review pages for pics/visit my yahoo site yah!

*highly raved products*
*Only available in selected countries!*
*Brand New!*

1)Majolica Majorca Lash Expander Mascara........$24.90
2)Majolica Majorca Lash Enamel Mascara..........$24.90
3)Majolica Majorca Eyeshadow Palettes........$24.90
3)Kanebo Tiffa Eyeliner(Silver & Black-Gold available)..$16.90
4)Kanebo HADABISEI Mask.....$15.90
(Super Mositure, Clear White Mositure, Clear White Whitening)
5)Burberry Blue Label...Between $175-$550
6)LoveDrop tearbaby Mascara......$28
7)Lovedrop Tearbaby Eyeliner....$26
8)Sony Cp Face Powder......Price unavailable. Email to confirm
9)Too Faced Lip Pumper.....$42-60
10)Mod's Hair 3-D color wax...$29.90
11)Majolica Honey Lipgloss...$10
12)Kanebo Eye Mask ( Nu Ren Wo Zhui Da) *HOT in Taiwan!!...18.90
13)Majolica majorca Foundation and Gold casing...$46
14)Majolica Majorca Persian Gold Compact only

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Sunday, September 03, 2006

Thrash It!!!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Kose Mask

No No No!!! Thrash this!!!

It claims that its the best selling in Taiwan. How can it be?! I've long dumped it into one of the dusty old drawers that i no longer bother to clean up.

Its a bargain to get this. It comes in a box of 22 pieces. So greedy me decided to grab this instead of my usual Kanebo mask that i love. I skipped back to hotel happily with what i thought was my new found bargain mask(alright, i didnt skip back. haha)

I tore open the wrappings like an excited child on christmas day morning. Took out the mask and immediately noticed the difference. It is so much drier compared to my usual masks. I went ahead and left it on my face. "Perhaps its a dry mask that works wonders!" I left it for like 15 mins..took down the mask. NOTHING. nothing. Nothing?! No difference! I dont feel anything at all. My skin doesnt seem to improve much(or maybe not at all).

I understand that masks are not god-sent essence. It wont work like miracle to create porcelain skin over that short 20 minutes. But i expect to see some differences if it claims that it has whitening/moisturising effects!

Used it a couple of times more over the week before i decided that i will never finish it up. And there it is now, in one of my dusty drawers filled with makeups/skin care that i no longer touch.

I dont know if there'll be any difference if i was more patient with this mask. Let me know if any of you tried it and you feel that its GOOD! Then probably i may dig it from my drawer and give it one chance again..

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Thursday, August 31, 2006

"Sony" has always been a brand that creates my home TV, sound system, Laptop..never have i expected it to be a makeup brand too! I dont know if they are affiliated though.

I am so so so tempted to try this:
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Sony CP Clear Last Face Powder in Blue(Whitening)

My friend met me today and commented that my skin has improved tremendously compared to the past but one thing that still need alot of improvement-Skin Radiance. Yes i agree! I am not sure if its because i haven been getting enough sleep or not getting enough vitamins but my skin has been looking rather dull.

Besides hunting for a skincare that helps to improve my radiance(will be looking more into that soon.. do more masks!), i am so happy to bump into this Sony CP face powder. It claims that it can boost natural radiance and enhance the features. My dream luminious skin!! For now.. i will put this into my wish list first. I can most probably get my hands on it soon! If there's anyone who's interested to get it too, just let me know! However i cant advise on the price right now. Should be able to get it by next week! =D

Besides the Blue face powder, they have 2 other kinds!
2) Sony CP Face Powder in Peach *For skin with blemishes & Black heads*
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
-Claims that it can conceal blemishes
-Makes the skin look smooth and perfect!

3) Sony Cp Face Powder in Pink *For skin with large pores*
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
-Conceal large pores
-Makes ur skin look even better than it already is!

Cant wait to get it.. will do a review when i have it on hand. For those who cant wait to get it soon, email me at lippiefanatic@yahoo.com :)

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Monday, August 28, 2006

If you're an avid Hollywood fan, you will notice the latest trend among all the big stars: scheduling for a session with "Dr Collagen" at Beverly Hills.

Yes collagen injection may not be too expensive for you. Neither is it considered a major plastic surgery operation. But there are its cons as well! A collagen injection can usually last up to 9 months to a year (I read that from some magazine). What will happen if your lips did not turn out the way you desire? What will happen if you end up having thick sausage lips for months? All the scary what ifs..

“But I really wish to have those sexy lips of Angelina Jolie!”

Well, not everyone of us are blessed up such sexy full lips. And not everyone of us are willing to take the risk (and pain!) to go through the collagen injection.

I was shopping at Macys last week and someone passed me this brochure that says: “Hollywood's best selling award winning lip plumper!”—Cosmopolitan Beauty Award 2005.
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Fantasizing about fuller, plumper lips? Dream no more - just get injected! Too Faced's LIP INJECTION lip plumping potion, a crystal-clear liquid lip volumizer that plumps up lips for results that last a minimum of 4 hours. LIP INJECTION contains a natural Vitamin E derivative that allows for increased circulation to the lip area creating phenomenal lip-plumping action and increased lip volume.

I made a mental note to remind myself to go to the counter for a try. No! I am not going to buy it unless I really see some pump!

After my shopping, I headed to the Too Faced counter. Its this little counter situated at a corner among all the large famous makeup brands. Too faced doesn’t sound too familiar to me because there aint one around in this tiny city of mine.

The sales person was very helpful. She showed me the sample of the lip pumper and tried it on my lips.

First, I felt this tingling feeling on my lips. As I waited, the sensation continues. I see my lips pump up infront of my eyes! It enhances my lip colour as well! I wonder what kind of ingredients they actually used to come up with this. But whatever it is, its not going to harm me(I guess). I was so so so tempted so I snagged a limited edition set that includes includes a 0.16 oz Lip Injection, 0.2 oz Lip Injection Extreme, 0.28 oz Lip Injection Mask, and a 0.16 oz Lip Injection in Technocolor.

It was such a bargain!

Now, whenever I feel like having a plumper pout, I’ll put my too faced lip pumper on! No injections! No pain!

Surf too faced website and look at all their cute packaging and delicious cosmetics!

For access to the lip injection, u may get it directly from the site(there's shipping charge) or u can try getting from me if i have them in stock!

1) Too Faced Lip Injection........
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
- crystal-clear liquid lip volumizer that plumps up lips for results that last a minimum of 4 hours.
-A light tingling sensation may be experienced
-See a pumper pout!

2) Too faced Lip Injection Extreme Plumping Collection
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
-Two Faced knows that bigger is always better and this complete kit of best-selling lip plumpers will ensure your pucker is plumper without a trip to see Dr. Collagen in Beverly Hills. Coat your pout with the original Lip Injection for instant fullness; treat your lips with long-term plumping effects with Lip Injection Extreme; and give your lips the spa treatment with Lip Injection Mask. Top it all off with some Technocolor plumping gloss and you have achieved lip perfection!

Set includes a 0.16 oz Lip Injection, 0.2 oz Lip Injection Extreme, 0.28 oz Lip Injection Mask, and a 0.16 oz Lip Injection in Technocolor.
Source: Sephora.com

photo source: sephora.com, toofaced.com

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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Kanebo Tiffa Silver eyeliner-Recommended by Taiwan's show *NU REN WO ZHUI DA*

Stuffs that were recommended by Nu Ren Wo Zhui Da seems to be so HOT recently. Tried several of them and i must say its good! Thus, i am going to do reviews on more of their items.. and hopefully to bring them in to share with my fellow readers!

Which girl doesnt adore diamonds?!

Since i cant afford a real big clear diamond, i compensate myself with all the diamond-like stuffs..glitter eye shadows and glitter eye liners included (what a way..lol) No, that's not the real reason why i love glitters and blings. I simply cant resist them. Some subtle displays of it make you stand out from the crowd without being far too LOUD.

Apply any coloured eyeliner of your choice and line it with Tiffa..there you go! Ready to strut your night away.

1) Tiffa silver Eyeliner *NU REN WO ZHUI DA*...at $16.90
-Kevin tried it on Ma-Yi.
Silver eyeliner. Enhances ur eye! Recommended by nu ren wo zhui da!
Makes ur eyes princessy and glitterish!
Buyer pays postage!
From Japan!!
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

2) Tiffa Black-gold Eyeliner *NU REN WO ZHUI DA*......at $16.90
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Tiffa Eyeliner, black with gold glitters!
Enhances ur eyes!
not available in SG!
Buyer pays postage
No shipping charge!!!!

photosource: Nu ren's website

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I have been hooked on this Mask for one of the longest time.
Kanebo HADABISEI Super Moisture Mask

I bought it due to the strong recommendation from one of my pals. She was raving it, tell me all the pros of it. I looked at the packaging. No, never heard of it, never seen it, doesnt look very appealing to me. Must be one of those typical mask that doesn’t really work.

But since she was so hyped up with this, and my skin was really dehydrated and pale, i grabbed a box of the Kanebo HADABISEI Super Moisture Mask and another box of the Kanebo HADABISEI Clear White Whitening Mask. The sheet mask comes in a box of 5. When I took out the mask from the packaging, I was amazed at how “soaked” the mask looks! It was so so so so so WET! Of course its wet! It has been soaked with 25ml of essence!

I left it on my face for 20 minutes. It felt really wet and kind of watery-sticky. After 20 minutes, I peeled off the mask. Were my eyes playing some kind of trick or did it really work? My skin looked like it was boosted with moisture, it looked supple and radiant! *the sheet at this time still feels really wet and soaked up!

Now, every time when I need a boost of moisture, I head for this mask! I havent tried any hydration mask that’s as soaked up as this one! I was so hooked on the super moisture mask that I didnt reach for the whitening mask until much later. I dont exactly desire a fair look. But somehow or another, I tried it much later and was impressed with the result as well!

Like the Kanebo Hadabisei Super moisture mask, it is equally soaked..this time with 20ml of essence. After leaving it on for 15 mintues, I peeled it off to see a clearer skin! My skin felt hydrated and supple as well. I can see the whitening effect very clearly.

Besides the Super moisture mask and the Clear white whitening mask, they have another collagen mask-Clear White Collagen Moisture Mask available too. I haven try that but I guess that should work better on more mature skin.

If you are sick with normal effect masks, or you cant take the hole in your pocket when you splurge on expensive brands masks, try this!

1) Kanebo Hadabisei Super Moisture Mask……going at $15.90
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
*Super Moisture mask hydrates your skin! Suitable for people who takes long haul flights and in situations when skin has to adapt to the sudden change of weather
*Each sheet is soak with 25ml of essence!!
*Adds firmness to skin
*for normal to dry skin..but i tried it on myself(i have oily skin) and it works as good! Trust me!!
*Buyer pays for postage*
*get it now and see the effects!!*
*One box 5 pcs!
*product from JAPAN

2) Kanebo Hadabisei Clear White Whitening Mask……going at $15.90
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Contains Natural Collagen and Royal Jelly
*to hydrate and protect the skin
*Brightens and soften the skin to give a radiant look

*Each sheet is soak with 20ml of essence!!
*Buyer pays for postage*
*get it now and see the effects!!*
*One box 5 pcs!
*product from JAPAN

3) Kanebo Clear White Moisture Collagen Mask……going at $15.90
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
*made up of plant collagen, Coenzyme Q10 and wheat
*Each sheet is soak with 20ml of essence!!
*Adds firmness to skin
*Hydrates skin, makes it looks translucent
*Buyer pays for postage*
*get it now and see the effects!!*
*One box 5 pcs!
*product from JAPAN

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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Hey! i am really sorry for this really really late post. I haven been able to lay my hands on a proper internet that doesnt disconnect by itself every 5 mins! =x this is when i really miss home and my stable internet connection. LOL.

I still remember the first time I stepped into Victoria’s Secret, I was excited about everything there. The mannequins made the lacy lingerie look so sexy, the PINK collection looks so cute and irresistible, the angel collection looks so dreamy and the skin care section makes me want to own every single item there!

Of all their lingerie collections, my favourite is PINK! I like PINK for its vibrant colors and its comfort level. They have camisoles, bras, undies, track pants, jackets, tee shirt all printed with really pretty designs. Even though it is not some sexy black babydoll dress, i feel that this collection can make me feel sexy and girly at the same time.

Yes, it is something that you wear inside and nobody else’s gonna see it except your SO..but I think the most important thing is to buying something that fits me comfortably and makes me feel good. PINK’s cotton undies is one of that! They come in various designs such as boyshorts, v string, double v string, tongs etc. There’s one for every skirt/pant that you own. Just by looking at the spread of designs that they have, I had a hard timing choosing. Who can resist comfort, vibrant colors, designs…and economical prices?

I am a fan of PINK.

i've stocks of PINK available.. but meanwhile i cant post them up yet just in case this connection goes away again. Will blog when i am back in SG tml! i am going home!!

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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Presenting..Burberry's Blue Label..

Recognise Burberry by their trademark "check" and their prorsum horse logo.

I am no big fan of any particular labels. I love all..as long as i look glam and pretty in it. Pardon my ignorance but my first few encounters with Burberry Blue Label was only in recent years. =X

Adapted from the website, it says, "Burberry’s core collections offer a range of products in a modern-classic aesthetic for a wide consumer audience. In selected markets, Burberry creates lines (Burberry Blue Label and Burberry Black Label in Japan, and Thomas Burberry in Spain) targeted at young adults."

I like Blue Label for its peculiarity. Since it is a line created for the Japan market, naturally the boutiques are only found in Japan. You cant find it anywhere else. Be it when i go party in New York or when i go shopping at ChatuChat in Bangkok, i dont have to risk seeing someone carrying the exact same bag as me.

Just last week, i got myself this bag from Blue Label(The centre one):
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
It is a girly pink bag with the signature black and white checks. It looks so much better in real life! The photo dont do much justice! It's BIG and spacious. I got it mainly for its size. I've got a dozen of teeny whinny small cute bags but its most of the time not enough for my cash, credit cards, cellphone, tissue, cosmetics, eyedrops, mints..the list goes on. Its so big that my friend even joked that i can save it for my diaper bag next time(nah, not so soon, not yet). There is a fine embossment of "Burberry Blue label" on the metal rings that connect the body to the handles. There're 3 colors in all. Pink, blue and brown. Each oozes out its own distinct style. For the price, for the size and for the brand, i think its worth every single cent!

I have:
the left(smaller version of the middle piece) going at : SGD$400
the middle & the right sling back at:SGD$450

Other designs available are:
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
*Only available in AUG*

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
The bag on the right reminds me of LV's speedy. They have it in brown(Beige) and black too.
I have:

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
One of my favourites! It caught my eye the minute i walked into the store. The white tote looks really neat and elegant! Perfect for OL!
I have:

If you're interested, LET ME KNOW! =)
*Limited stocks!*

Photo Source: Blue Label website

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